Discover The Local House Alaçatı Art Collection

Discover the exclusive The Local House Alaçatı Art Collection, which brings inspiration and elegance to every corner of our spaces. Discover the world of creativity.

The work made with oil paint and tumbled work on the panel impresses with the harmonious integrity of the colours.

The Last Supper

Aslınur Ulus

A Modern Reflection of History

As The Local House Alaçatı, we think that there are many ways to express life, nature and culture. By using these ways in the spaces we have created, we have built attractive and comfortable spaces with inspiring elements.

In our space where we touched the history of art with Aslınur Ulus’ modern reproduction, we reflected the work of Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most important artists of the Renaissance period, titled “The Last Supper”. With this composition, we aimed to capture the traces of art that shed light on every period and to inspire our guests with a cultural impact.

The Unique Charm of Different Periods

Intertwined with The Local House Alaçatı in terms of colour, light and composition, Aslınur Ulus’ unique reproduction adds an impressive charm to The Local House Alaçatı where you will experience unforgettable moments. In our venues where art and culture meet with the traces of the modern period, we offer you a visual feast that will drag our guests into completely different worlds.

With 2,5*4 m oil paint, it took its place on the ceiling of the corridor where our hotel, which is burning with the love of art, welcomes its guests.

Zebra Unicorn

Aslınur Ulus

A Unicorn Soaring Among Angels

Unicorn is a mythological dream that extends from the Middle Ages to the present day. “Unicorn Zebra”, which has been attributed many meanings throughout history, will touch your life as one of the countless mysteries you will encounter at The Local House Alaçatı. Unicorn, combined with the unique lines of zebra in the talented hands of Aslınur Ulus, will allow you to travel to a mythological world and spend unforgettable moments.

The magic of the colours and the composition will allow the real and the imaginary to blend into each other and turn into an inspiring melody that accompanies the spirit of The Local House Alaçatı.

Divine Touches

“A Unicorn decorated with a zebra pattern floating among angels in the sky.” Adding colour to The Local House Alaçatı with a divine composition, Aslınur Ulus has blended the purity and cleanliness of the Unicorn with the power and nobility of the zebra. With this impressive visual, we wish our guests to have a dreamlike experience by travelling to a mythological age. In our places where dreams come true, we offer unique elements of art and luxurious details of modern comfort together.

A Unique Perspective

Tolga Kurut

Pieces of a Harmonious Whole

Can you briefly tell us about yourself?
I completed my journey, which I started with basic art education, in the main art branch of printmaking. I continued my art life with my works in many different disciplines and my teaching career in which I transferred what I learned to other art enthusiasts. I am currently continuing to work in the field of painting and ceramics.”

Can you tell us about your collection at The Local House Alaçatı?

“My collection at The Local House Alaçatı consists of paintings in which I express the state of not fitting into the frame in which they are located and overflowing outwards with a figurative interpretation. The series focuses on the stasis of tonal colours and the stance of the figures that want to get out of the canvas. My works have an effect where psychological and pictorial effects strengthen the narrative together.”

How did the process of turning this idea into a business develop?
“It was completely by coincidence that this idea turned into a business. I had previously exhibited different series and single works in different venues and made similar collaborations. This series started upon Hakan Akkaya’s request.”
Which feature of this collection should we pay attention to the most?
“The striking aspect of this collection was to enable everyone to embark on a journey that they can shape with their own inner interpretation. The most important point was that the viewers’ perspectives led them to different feelings rather than my direction. The richness created by many different interpretations such as dark, dramatic and energetic was actually proof that different meanings were attributed to the works each time. This is how I reached the message I wanted to give and the feeling I wanted to create.”

How did you start working with The Local House Alaçatı?

“I was really excited when Hakan Akkaya told me about this project. First of all, I wanted to visit the place for this collection and feel its spirit. Making small touches that would contribute to the world I wanted to create with the colours used helped me to create this collection.”
Could you tell us about the starting points of your work?

“Each of my paintings are like parts of a whole. In fact, the main inspiration point of my works was the feelings created by the space, the textures and colours of the space.

This series, which I created with aesthetic prerequisites such as the integrity of the colours and their harmony with the space, has become a complementary work by adding a positive effect to The Local House Alaçatı. Factors such as my own point of view and the harmony of the desired series with the space supported me a lot in the direction in which this series would go.”

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